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Winter Newsletter 2019


Welcome to our WINTER 2019 newsletter. 


It’s officially cold in the Southern Hemisphere and as we’re braving our cooler days and nights, we’re often tempted to skip our former exercise routines in favour of our warm beds and soft couches.

But, how can you adjust your physical activity and rest time in winter so that you’re working with your body and the seasons but not working against it or stopping completely?


 With the cooler weather well and truly here, what food are you choosing to nourish your body and stay warm?  How can we get that satisfying soul food feel in winter but still get maximum nutrition and health benefits from our food choices? 


 Although in the Gold Coast, our winters are more mild than most and the days can be brilliant and beautiful, winter can still bring about the blues for some. To address the body, nutrition and mind needs during winter, Allied Osteopathy will be sharing some insights with you. 

 I hope you enjoy reading our blogs!

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